TYGA/KITACO Power Up Kit, Stainless Type

$769.99 Canadian Dollars


TYGA/KITACO Power Up Kit Stainless Type

[TPER-0096] [MSX125 Grom, 2013-2015]



TYGA/KITACO Power Up Kit, Stainless Type

This power up kit is designed to give a significant power boost over stock. Using TYGA Performance and KITACO products, the power of the MSX125 Grom is increased by 25%. Below is the dyno graph showing stock setup against our full system with carbon silencer, Kitaco type 2 camshaft, and i-Map (setting #3). Similar results were found with the Moto Maggot and stainless type silencers.


This product consists of the components shown below, namely:

EXPS-0052  Set, Pipe, Full Race System, MSX125 Grom, Stainless Oval/Carbon End Cap

KIT-300-1432010 KITACO Type 2 Camshaft

KIT-763-1432010 KITACO i-Map. Fuel Injection Controller



KIT-763-0500900  i-Map interface cable to adjust the i-Map for special setting. Software available on KITACO website.


Fitting this Power Up Kit to your Honda MSX125/GROM gives a significant increase in top end performance and over rev. Peak hp is moved from 7,000rpm (std) up to 8,000rpm, with a 1.6hp gain at peak.

Fitting the i-Map Fuel Injection Controller is a necessary modification to avoid the engine running lean and being damaged. Running the KITACO Type 2 camshaft without the i-Map is NOT an option!

The wire harness requires modification and the documents are included with the kit, or can be viewed here: http://www.kitaco.co.jp/data/product/link/instaling_manual/kitaco_installing_manual_grom_imap.html

The i-Map is shipped with “setting #3” activated. This is the basic map for this kit, but the map can be modified using the optional i-Map interface cable and software downloadable from the KITACO website:

i-Map Fuel Manager: http://www.kitaco.co.jp/dlservice.html



Additional information

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 80 x 80 x 80 cm

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