Honda GROM MSX125 Full Exhaust System Underbelly

$459.00 Canadian Dollars


Set, Pipe, Full System, Underbelly, MSX125 Grom, Stainless Oval/Carbon End Cap, Short

MSX125 Grom, Ist/2nd Gen 2013-18

Part Number: EXPS-0068
This full race system has been specifically designed for the MSX125 to maximise power.  Made in stainless steel with spring mounted carbon silencer this system increases performance, saves weight and enhances the looks of the bike. Sounds great too! ( A db killer is included)

Performance and Dynograph

The blue trace shows the 100% standard Honda MSX125 Grom, compared to the red trace, which is after installing the TYGA Full System set (EXPS-0064) with no other changes to the stock bike.

A useful increase in peak power and further gains could probably be had with remapping etc.


Canadian Sports Motorcycle Specialists